President William Tuning Murata and Thomas Tuning Murata “Out Now” @Konektor5000

So guys I’ve been asked about the Murata generation of President radios and so far can only find the Teddy. I’ve asked around and still no answers to what comes next!  So for those who asked is a link below to Konektor5000 in Poland who can add Murata, change the way the ASC behaves and many more modifications now to the above radios.

Guys I reply to emails what I know and that’s all I can do. So I’ll reply here now with the same as I’ve told you in email.

Eventually all Uniden made President radios will come with Murata inside. This is an 455 filter. You’ll notice the difference on AM quite a lot in my opinion. I don’t know in what order they come out, I guess dealers will get them when the old stock has sold out. I’ve asked at President, but you know am not liked and so NO email was returned to me or even acknowledged. So please consider writing directly to However, Konektor5000 in Poland offers a great tuning service, his work and indeed his videos are featured here and many other places. The direct link is here: 

If it helps you it does, if it does not then it does not. That’s all I know and all I can tell you. Plus They speak in English at Konektor so no issues at all.

Personally can’t wait to see both released in real form. I liked this two radios a lot and were two of the best made.

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