Stryker SR-5K “Takes Over CB Market”

An interesting statement from Stryker who say that there antenna the SR-5K has taken over the CB antenna market. Big words and so far I’m still trying to find someone that uses one, so far YouTube is blank. It looks like a Wilson 5000 to me, and sadly still looking around the EU for one to test. Normally big statements can be easily verified and tested side by side other antennas.

But really good for them, I think another antenna on the market is always excellent so cannot wait to see the reviews, maybe test one myself and see what is the magic inside the antenna.

20,000w SSB and 5000 watt AM power handling.

The antenna whip is 62-1/2 made up of tapered stainless steel.

The frequency range it provides is 26 MHz to 30 MHz

SWR tuning is done by set screws which makes the installation less troublesome.

Coil removes from base for safe storage or parking in your garage.

Routing is made easy via 18 feet high-quality coax along with removable PL-259.

Comes with a screw on weather cap & allen wrench.

Talking efficiency as a result of extremely low loss coil.

2 Year Limited Factory Warranty

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  1. I know you are also skeptical as I was in beginning. It looks similar to Wilson 5000 in features but price is much less. Till now best results.


    • Not sceptical as such. Never used one! Just the wording of the advert is very strong and sometimes is not backed up by quality or performance.

      Can you confirm these are USA made antennas etc?

      Any videos I can use here at all?

      Thanks for writing


  2. I have one Simon , you’re right it looks like a Wilson 5000. Also playing exactly the same features , but costs significantly less than the original . I am happy with it …


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