What President Radios Now Comes “Murata” Inside *Updated*

So for the many who’ve asked me it’s now possible to tell you part of the radios that now come “Murata Inside”. The news is thanks to President themselves who have sent me the information via the contact form on the blog as the question was asked and indeed some favourites now come Murata inside and for the AM markets especially this will be viewed well

With such a big product line the implementation of Murata into radios takes some time, and of course for them to be sat on people’s shelves in stores also takes time. Below are the photos of the radios that now have Murata inside.


Remember to find them takes time. So far I’ve only seen the Teddy from Romania for example. But I like the idea of the Taylor III with the filter. Was always a good radio, so maybe now got better. Plus it’s been around years this radio of course. This is the most up to date list so far, and guess now also all these radios are Made in China now?

And we know Grant II Premium now is Murata inside.

Thanks to our friends at Magazinstatii Radio for all there help and contributions

And thanks to GPE for the message. Helps everyone see what is there or coming to store soon….

Photos: (c) Mr Markus Neuner http://www.neuner.de

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