WORLD EXCLUSIVE Anytone Apollo II *Photo Real Life*

Up until recently the Apollo II was just an artists drawing on the website of Qixiang. And now the very first samples (can be changed in final release) are being sent to some of the resellers that will evaluate it for there marketplace. The radio comes also with an options menu (options can be added) And here below we have the world exclusive of the new Anytone Apollo II

The first thing you notice is that the radio isn’t  big, it’s around size of Apollo1 but it’s coming with a colour screen, detachable Mike and programmable functions via the FP1 to FP6. The full way these can be programmed comes via the PC software (also will be changed when radio is released) and also other settings can be programmed, from memory channels to Roger Bleeps. Five come as standard, and via the software another three can be programmed.

There will be different versions of the Apollo II. These include 12/24v version which will come 4w only, and a high power version which will come for the 10m market which will be 12v only. Options for the new Apollo II are varied. When released this radio will be the most versatile multi-norm radio on the market currently.

Features Below:

◆ FTF LCD display

◆ 12/24V voltage(4W version only)

◆ Full alloy body for heat radiation

◆ Programmable keypad

◆ CTCSS/DCS (optional)
◆ Wireless microphone control(optional)
◆ Cell-phone APP control (optional)
◆ AM/FM multi norms
◆ Flexible menu and programming software
◆ SQ,ASQ open/close value setting
◆ RF Gain 
◆ Scan
◆ Dual watch
◆ Programmable RB
◆ CH9/19
◆ NB
◆ Voltage protection
◆ 8 group memory channel
◆ TOT (Time Out Timer)
◆ Backlight control
◆ Automatic power on
◆ Keypad lock

As you see the display also shows “Bluetooth” logo. Whether this option or another will make final release we will need wait and see. However as it is cordless Mike compatible I guess that Bluetooth could be the connection type. And for the export people there will be the usual rU band. Don’t need mention frequencies as I’m sure you know what they are. 400 channels ending 5 and 0

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Video will be available soon, and an overview of the programming software

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