WORLD EXCLUSIVE Number II. Anytone Apollo II On Video

Remember that this is a sample radio, some features are not there, some menu options are not yet there. This is a test piece for on air, receive, noise and other tests. The “real” version can and will be a lot different with how things interact, menu options what they do.


The video is supplied as is for a radio no more than five minutes on the table from DHL so remember this. There will be more news, more information soon. As you hear i am just getting over a bad flu so will take a few days maybe to add anything more but if you want then use the contact form and i am happy to respond to you.

Adjust function menu as you’d like them

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A lot more news in next days here….

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  1. Thanks alot sir wizard for the information on the noisefree old-new ranger rci in your reply. This radio looks more 2016 – more like the new grant III. Wow…! I think the new china qrp’s rx/tx set a new level whats possible. This will touch the cb radio area maybe in 2016. With other words: hurry up … Before the QRP transceivers are cheap as the best president radios … Now it’s only a question of some month till the chinese learn how to design a good looking cb based on a qrp. Know its not easy to understand for them what’s cool looking radio .. Its more try and error to aim the art of style in EU.
    I like this apollo radio – also some of the new nanfone styling – lets do the ae6110 trick to the display – buttons down/display bigger! When will the apollo 3 ssb come?


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