Anytone Apollo II CB Mode / rU Mode & Power Test

We are now back with the Apollo II. Thank you to Andy for his help this morning via Skype. As a sample somethings are missing remember, but you can see here the base features and how the Apollo II will work in CB mode, rU mode and some power tests too.


So for the UK users. During Q3 when Apollo II discussions started i asked about having the CEPT AM/FM on the UK mode and as you see it was accepted and now will happen. Ignore 27.781 being channel 59 this will of course change when the radio is made for real sales.

Detachable microphone is another plus and as it is wired the same as the AT5555N it means that the Konektor5000 and Neuner mike adapters work so you can run Liberty by President or like me this morning the Teardrop from Astatic. So in this am delighted, now with this makes life easier to exchange microphones.

Banding and Configuration will change, this was a short cut in menu to make 10m, CB and rU and will not be available this way going forwards. As as you see some bands on CB do not work, same as with band PL not ending in 0 at the moment.

Power is a little under 4w on legal mode, settling at 3.8w AM and 3.89w on FM

Remember the radio now is not complete, and it is exceptionally nice of Qixiang to allow it to be shown here. It is an early sample of only 6 made by there engineer. It gives you an idea of what is in store for the future of this radio. It looks bright as the ideas inside are great. Phone App control, Bluetooth, CTCSS, 12/24v version, 10m, CB Mode, rU band, Higher Power. All the suspects we ask for in a radio for 2016 and future.


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8 thoughts on “Anytone Apollo II CB Mode / rU Mode & Power Test

  1. Hello.
    -What Are the exact dimensions of the unit? Width, height, depth (from the front panel without the main big button by the end of the cooler). Thanks!


  2. Thank you Simon for the video,very fine Radio!With exportmodus,Hi Lo and a god display
    All the best for you


    • Thank you writing. Yes as a sample it is very good, nice power and audio is lovely with the original 5555n Mike or use an adapter and fit another Mike.

      Fingers crossed Albrecht will order this? Maybe AE07070 who knows

      Kind Regards


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