Anytone AT-929 Handheld Radio

Radios are like buses you wait for one and then three come along at the same time. Next up from Qixiang is the Anytone AT-929 which looks case wise a little like the AT-398 which is similar to the CRT-4CF. The radio is available in a few formats which include 136-174, 400-480 or till 512Mhz or 245-246Mhz and after the break is the information.

More information will be soon and what to expect and who will be a dealer of this radio. Battery will be 1200MaH

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  1. Not doing anything that Baofeng hasn’t been doing for years and I bet they won’t get it down to £25 delivered. Baofeng have proven reliability and they have UK distributors for back up.

    Baofeng make an excellent handie, called the UV-B5. It has a rotary style VFO knob instead of a useless LED torch, it has the best front end receive and rejection and the signal meter actually reads correctly, not just 5 bars or nothing. It also came with a decent standard aerial.

    But for so many, they have bought the inferior UV-5R and variations, and it has a naff aerial that must be replaced immediately. Even on the 8w versions, they made errors, like the BF-FH8P, they made an Intek version (KT-980HP)ba year earlier, that had none of those bugs.

    Anyhow, I can’t see them giving Baofeng a run for their money.


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