Anytone Smart / AE-6110 Internal Jumper Configurations

As i get increasingly asked about the Anytone Smart and the bands that it covers i have decided to put here on the blog 3 photos which will show the users, mostly who come from the USA and Chile what they can achieve via the jumpers so hope this small piece will help them.


The photos we will use below are not from the Smart but show well what it can do. And if you need the chart for high power etc then please click MODIFICATIONS from the home screen and use the same as CRT One for the information

Smart 10m Mode

Smart 10m

Both the OP1 and OP2 are closed so this is 10m (28000-29700)

Anytone Smart 10/11 Mode (25615-30105)

Smart 10-11m

Release the solder from OP2 and just leave OP1 closed

Multi Norm CB Radio Use

Open the OP1 and the OP2 and you will have the same bands as the EU version of the Smart which is called the Albrecht AE-6110

In EU Mode you’ll get:

There you are, hope that this has helped you all a little.

Mode: EU, EUH, CE, UK, PL, E1, l12, DE, DEH

3-colors backlight

AM/FM mode

ASQ/SQ function

EMG channel CH9/19

Dual watch


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