Magnum1 Radio “On Video”

Just found this online so thought I’d share it with you. Its got 24mhz till 30mhz great news for the 12-10m men. It’s a small video that is featuring the recently released Magnum1. I’ve not watched it yet as not home (not well) but at least this is something for the people (like me) that were waiting to see what MAXLOG came up with along with the people at Magnum and RF Limited. Sit back and enjoy the video

So here is the link to the video:

Why does it make a funny sound when he is showing the bands??

Product Information:

12 and 10 Meter Mobile Amateur Transceiver

Transmit: 24.890 ~ 24.990 and 28.000 ~ 29.700 MHz

Receive: 24.500 ~ 29.999 (Continuous Coverage)

All Mode – AM / FM / USB / LSB / CW / PA

50 Watts PEP Output Power

    » Dual MOSFET Finals

    » Variable RF Power Out

Temperature Compensated Crystal Oscillator (TCXO)

    » Rock Solid Frequency Stability

    » 20 Times More Stable than XO

Digital VFO – 5Hz Resolution

Digital Echo Volume & Delay and Variable Talk Back

Programmable Roger Beep – Tone & Duration

EL Backlight Front Panel

RX Audio Tone Control (Hi-Cut)

3-Button Stock Microphone – Up/Down/ASQ

Large Digital S/RF/SWR Meter

Real-Time SWR Meter – Continual Reading

Multi-Mode Clarifier – RX Only / TX Only / RX & TX

Frequency Scan – Squelch & Time Operated

Noise Blanker

Automatic Squelch (ASQ)

PA Mode with Volume Control

+10 kHz Switch

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