CB Radio Watergates

Those of us of a certain age remember in the late 70’s sitting and listening to the sound of the USA coming from a CB Master, President, Cobra or something similar. It was the grounding of our love for CB radio. For me, was sitting in a Vauxhall Chevette, Avanti Antenna and a President talking to “The Brewer” or “Cricketer” from the school car park.

It was the grounding of staying on CB, finding out about SSB and then later it was legalised on FM band but once your an AM kind of guy then it stays with you. That’s why I love the video gates, the sounds from the USA or the Mini Grass of contacts, mouth mouth malls and other stuff. Whether it’s “Mr06Postman” in Australia to my friends in the “Mod Squad” in the Mini Grass it’s great to hear the sounds that many of us remember when we were first on air. I went to sleep many a night with the lullaby of CB radio in my ears, and filling the senses.

And here are a few video gates that I’ve found recently that be out back the memories from the past.

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