President Grant II Premium “Bensons Edition”

Thanks to Sami who shared some information about a “Bensons Edition” of the Grant II Premium. Bensons Funktechnik are based in Hamburg and are the ones that made the AE5890EU from Albrecht a lot better with the edition called the “Bensons Blue” Edition and below is what I’m told about the new variant of the Grant II Premium.

First off! Cost I don’t know what it is the work, I’ve not asked nor have I any ideas at all.

I’ve since found some of the same information on the excellent website for the radio men.

*Extension to 10m

*Complete Modification of the FM Mode

*Performance Optimised for 25w PEP SSB

*Optimisation of the AGC

*Socket for an external s-meter

And the purchaser of the radio comments this which is the key of it all

“The Hammer is the SSB Part. The reception is absolutely clean, calm…. Even the weak signal is processed class”

And continues: Crystal clear… Absolutely clean. Vote worked. No compared to the original 1

So, Jörn Benson has cured the Premium of its “little quirks” also.

I’ve mentioned here till am beyond words more! I’ve got s few and all are bad for me. I cannot work the radio at home anymore and that’s particularly bad. But seems there are those out there that can solve the issues. Got 6 all 6 bad**  At least 100% record and what to get them fixed? Guess can get a new HF radio for the cost. But CB is CB, it’s not amateur radio. And the quality reflects it is a multi-EU radio. Not more, not less than that.

Do you read this Uniden, as a reader of the blog. 50th year! Try and sort the radio for the base users. Mobile users are fine, no noises it seems but for us the based people then we are screwed. Cannot use it at all. Disappointed is not even close to it!

** Bad = I am based more than mobile and so with this cannot use any of the radios at all. In the mobile yes! No noise occurs

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