CRT 2000 “French Presentation”

CRT are back with another video of the radio that will come to be judged as the new standard. And why new standard? Colour screen, variable options, high power mode, small footprint so can fit in even new cars, 12/24v an option, 10m band, Bluetooth, PC programmable and CTCSS option. Now if they could add detachable head and SSB.. Well, another story to tell. Seems there is no interest in the minds of companies but in the minds of the users it’s a different matter of fact.

Infact the first comment via Facebook was this “A quand le meme avec la BLU”  When does this come with SSB!  Just the Apollo II on the site here generated 25,000 hits and many emails. So really it’s the wait for the radio and my guess is early summer this should be sat on your desk. Price is now confidential. So enjoy the video:

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