M0OGY 11m Receive Magnum1

Thanks Dr.Awesome for the email and the link! Very kind of you and this shows the 10-12m radio in export mode receiving 27mhz SSB as part of the legal CEPT channels in the UK although the radio is not legal for this band. As is explained there is a lot of noise from the PLT which seems to make a mess but watch the video on 11m, it’s one of the first out there so far.

For those that have emailed me that they think the radio is junk and what do I think. Answer is I don’t think! I’ve not got one, not tried one and not seen one and as the last unit I tried was an 8800 from MAXLOG then I simply cannot comment. Radios behave differently location to location (Grant II and Lincoln II and AT-6666 are different) so unless one before the eye it is not possible to comment.

But in a small market which gets smaller I think huge congratulations to Eric Lewis for brining a new radio to market and we really wait now to see more from Magnum, maybe they bring the smaller 8900 along who knows. But congratulations to them on the new radio and the new legacy ahead.

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