Flash Sale £99.95 / €127 Alinco DR-135UK

Another flash 3 day sale at Nevada and so don’t really need add more. 100 pieces for £99.95 each so shows the buying power of Nevada to let them go. The obvious statements of export mode, ASQ via menu and rU mode via another key routine featured here below the image.

And the all important web address:


Photo: NevadaRadio

Enable ASQ & Export Mode: 

So how to enable it:

Turn on radio with the FUNC and DW pressed

ASQ d will come on the screen so you need turn the channel selector till En comes on screen. Switch radio off and on and then the ASQ will be working for you.

Software or Firmware internal is same as the CRE 8900 and will be V3.10

Export Mode:

TURN on the radio while pressing the FUNC and EMG Together
1 Band is on screen, turn channel change till reads 2 band
PRESS AND HOLD FUNC and res will come on screen followed by rend

Turn Radio OFF and ON and you have export modified the radio

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