**EXCLUSIVE** President Johnny III USA

Not a review and nor can it be. The radio is different than EU version. Weather channels, fast scan, 6 pin mike and sturdy controls it is a President (Vietnam Made) with Murata that i have been loaned via dealer J. And i thank him for the kindness he has shown me.


He is worried about loaning it me, and me.. Well guess my ass gets kicked too somehow.

So the serious side, this is one of two releases in the USA currently with the Johnson II USA 12/24v the other. Quality is well made, Uniden, good easy to read display, strong tolerance of the channel change so works well and is strong. ASC opens and closes just like on all the radios, audio is strong, sharp and clear. Not any sign of dullness on the audio. I guess as many change mikes then with this radio you will need check the levels well. I have tried Astatic Teardrop and Sadelta MB4+ and to be fair the radio sounded on the returned audio better on the supplied electret microphone. Power cable unlike the EU versions comes fitted with a fairly good length of cable. It is not overly long, but sure is enough to connect to a cigarette lighter, battery or whatever you have in the vehicle you use or at home it is plenty of cable to connect to the power supply. On the back external speaker, PA and VOX Mike socket.

We have all seen the new radios but this one although new from the inside out gives the old style of AM in the late 70’s where you sit around it and listen for what you could hear. The technology has changed leaps and bounds but the passion for AM is still strong and flows through many a radio mans veins.

In Store $179.99 and is ROHS, long guarantee, plug n play for new users when used with the New York USA we looked at before.

– 40 channels AM
– Channel rotary switch
– Weather Alert
– Volume adjustment and ON/OFF
– Manual squelch and ASC (Automatic Squelch Control)
– Multi-functions LCD display
– S-meter
– Vox function (Hands free)
– ANL filter and HI-CUT
– RF Gain
– Scan
– Priority channel memory
– F function key
– Beep Function
– Roger Beep
– Key locking
– Front microphone plug
– External loudspeaker jack

Weather Channels Are From: 162.400 MHz to 162.550 MHz

I cannot open this radio to show the insides as it is a loan piece, and i need return it in almost the same shape it arrived. Of course others will have videos online soon. Mine is a look, not a review, it is a press, scan, touch, listen and hear only. And of course conditions lowest when it arrives. It is here a few more days and will listen over the weekend for some voices.

To the friends in the USA who asked me to show them, this is it. I cannot guarantee you any videos from all the other released radios in the USA Series. This depends on many factors and the kindness of Dealer J and whether he can help me more. We know some Uniden radios made there way to the EU from the USA market and i cannot tell you if this will be the same with President radios. I guess not as they have EU market working well, but like with all things in the world where there is a will there will be a way of course.

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  1. honestly Simon i think president usa has missed the mark ..for the price of this radio you can buy 2 x cobra 29’s or two uniden 78 or similar radios which the Americans prefer over any “outsider’ radio .them offering the president Lincoln II for $399 usd+ship is silly when you can buy it elsewhere as low as $250usd+ship.
    in the USA features don’t sell radios reputation do ,what sells all day in Europe does not in USA plenty of USA based “shops” selling them for 100 dollars less for well over a year as it is (the Lincoln)

    this is not just my opinion but the one of many on forums and facebook i have spoken to in the last few days .both usa and down here in the pacific regions
    if this is their comeback they are way off the mark


    • Hi Mike. I agree in someways but President sold in USA before with Lincoln1 etc so maybe not an outsider. I think they’ve a good plan? President always think think think before doing something.

      I think to just bring AM is brave without SSB. Lincoln II not sure as mine have worked ultra well from the car.

      Cobra have quality issues these days ( told via Asia so not 100% sure)

      Uniden 50th year radios I like a lot!! Price and look for me too class.

      President @40 years old soon what will they bring? I hope something.

      Brave strategy without SSB

      What else gave you got info let me know.. It’s hard for me to find anything out these days

      Thanks for writing


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