“LATEST NEWS” Gain-Master HW

A lot of questions were raised on my email about the forthcoming Gain-Master HW. As we know frequencies of operation are different all around the world and so when the information showed 27.2-30Mhz it made some ask whether it will work on German channels that start at 26.565 etc. So I’ve asked the designers directly and they’ve answered the question.

My questions were around the usage on New Zealand CB band which is down on low end of 26Mhz and also whether the antenna would resonate and work from German channel one upwards and here is the answer below.


The new GM-HW can’t start at 26MHz…

The mechanical construction force the resonant frequency from 27.2 MHz to 30 MHz but, when tuned @27.2, the band at SWR=2 is about 1.8 MHz and it can work from 27.2-0.9=26.3 MHz.

So I guess if we add this then when tuned at 27.2 + 0.9 which is the other half of the 1.8Mhz the antenna ends at 28.1Mhz so can be used across the mid and UK40 for example and be quite flat across the “freeband” area of the band.

More clarification comes with the chart on the antenna, so draw no conclusions now.. We await the SWR graph when it lands via email here and we will post all information

I thank Sirio Antenne for passing on my questions and the answers. That’s helpful for me also, and let’s me know the restrictions. At the moment that is the latest news and of course when something new comes in on the news front we will add it here ASAP.

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