Team TruckerCom “Real Photos” Radio Cost €119.90

With thanks to Markus at for adding the TruckerCom to his list of new radios and some excellent photos of the radio. I’m happy to share them here as it shows the Nanfone produced radio and also with its external s-meter socket which is something that was around a long time and sadly missed these days on the digital signal meters.

And the radios banding is as follows:

DE: 80 FM / 40 AM 4 Watt

EC: 40 FM 4 Watt

EI: 40 FM/AM 4 Watt

EU: 40FM 4 Watt / 40 AM 1 Watt

PL: 40 FM/AM 4 Watt 0kHz

UK: 40 FM CEPT 4 Watt & 40 FM UK 4 Watt

Strange that EU should be 4w FM/AM so guess is old actually in design etc. 12/24v operation and CTCSS installed


Direct link:
Photos: Markus Neuner 

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