Crystal 80 Channel UHF CB Radio

Thanks to HF-Doktor for sending me the initial photo via Facebook and I’m not sure if we have had a look at this one before or not. Seems to be a copy of an Anytone Smart based on the microphone but we also know that Nanfone has a planned version that looks similar and this one is called the CB583 Nanfone. But this one I’d guess is from Qixiang?


And below is the Crystal named radio:


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2 thoughts on “Crystal 80 Channel UHF CB Radio

  1. The actual radio released in Australia does not have the same display as the Smart. All the advertising and the packaging shows it as the Smart. The user manual is full of errors, but at least the radio is easy to use and performs well. All crystal UHF radios are built by Qixiang.


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