Sirio LED Performer 5000 €64.95

The new antenna we featured a few weeks ago with the LED when you transmit seems to be making it to dealers now and one of the first ones to show it is Truckerswereld in the Netherlands who advertise it for €64.95. More information I don’t have as to what colour it shines when transmit or anything more, but a real life photo and weblink is below.

And as promised we have the link to the antenna:


The Sirio Performer 5000 LED has an LED Lamp in the spool processed. As soon as the microphone is pressed of the affiliated transceiver will light up the coil. How more wattage you send in the antenna, the brighter the coil will light up. You let go of the mic back then will the lighting in the coil again go out.

The Sirio Perfomer 5000 LED is a 27 Mhz Antenna for confirmation on a solid footing. The Sirio Perfomer has a length of 196,5 cm and can a maximum power of 5000 Watts (Continuous 1500 Watt) process. The Sirio Performer 5000 LED has a stainless radiator, which is 90° tilt and is easy to remove, for example, the car wash or parking garage. The Sirio Performer 5000 LED is delivered completely with 4 Meters Rg58 Cable. Excluding PL-259 plug.

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