Team Tornado 11 CB Antenna

It all started with the President Virginia, a new style magnetic antenna that looked like a UHF antenna, came pre-tuned and had multiple magnets inside which kept it ultra safe and secure. Then came the PNI Extra 45 with less magnets, Chinese not European made and tuneable. Then a while later came the Team Tornado UHF and VHF mobile antenna. And now.

The above is the Team Tornado CB 11, with a 50w PEP handling I guess this antenna is the same antenna as the PNI just sold in Germany under the Team label. Cost €29.90  Below is the PNI Extra 45 which costs €25
And below is the Team a Tornado UHF and VHF Antenna €31.90


And finally below the original. Longer warranty, EU made, more magnets in the base €45.90 The antenna that started the revolution of them all. And with it can handle more power.. So the choices are yours..

Thanks to Markus who told me about the CB Tornado. I’ve the UHF and VHF version but didn’t know about the CB version.

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