CRT Introduces The “Megapro” €99 *Updated*

Looking like an updated Avanti, Stabo, Anytone but now with 12/24v and multi norm EU frequencies CRT from France have surprised everyone with the release of the Megapro which will come before the CRT 2000. The radio comes as standard with CTCSS and DCS, the Mike comes with DTMF so excellent for the gateway users of Internet linking via FRN for example.

We all know there is Qixiang behind this one as it looks like the Avanti Primo and the Stabo 4006e, it will be PC programmable and have VFO mode in export?  In its old format the radio worked really well. Add to this 8 Roger bleeps, various display colours that some find important, external meter socket, DIN mount available then for the actual price excluding software and cable seems CRT have again delivered something excellent.

The only question left is where is everyone else with new radios?


And even more important a dealer told me banding A-J will be in the right order and not mixed around as we’ve seen on other radios. Yes it’s a small thing but add all the small things and soon it makes a lot.

A-J = rU Mode etc etc…
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