There is always something that’s been a nemesis and this was the case for me. No dealers wanted me to have a PNI Extra 45. It came across as always impossible to find one anywhere, the importer didn’t answer emails and the antenna was illusive for me. However two antennas have been sourced and one is here, other comes and will be a prize. So spell broken finally.

Dont even know which country it comes from as from an online business. But when it arrived it was sourced from somewhere maybe 17km away, but it’s not sold here other than it seems this online business.

Many asked me to test it, I promised and failed! But my word is my word and the antenna is now here and can finally hit the airwaves. I know it sells super well in Romania and have seen it fitted on anything from Lada to BMW i8 so I hope I’m lucky and if I am I will report here again.



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