Mr Tolis CB Preveza Greece (18PR116)

A nice end to a good radio day. I was monitoring around on the PNI Extra 45 when I heard Mr Tolis calling on channel 21 CEPT FM and then swapped the antenna and followed him down to channel 13 to have a QSO. The CRT One as you hear working super well on my side.

During the QSO we could exchange website details and what a great page the CB guys of Preveza have so go take a look, I’ll supply the link here:

You can see the equipment on my side:

CRT One (Modified a little louder audio in FM) Nothing else changed

Antenna: Initial RX Antenna was PNI Extra 45 Then full TX/RX Antron 99

Mr Tolis was sounding excellent, this was the CRT One without signal meter which was a shame but it was the radio that was sat here at the time. Now time to install the (N) with the signal meter. But for a budget radio €49 was working super well indeed.

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