President Lincoln II 42w PEP AM ” Latest Version III ” $399.95

More news lands here and this is that a new Lincoln II landed in the USA from France. I think it’s the same version tuned but I’m told this is the latest version with warranty card and mic info? Not sure but I’ll post the links for those that are interested in the details.

Each Radio is Ready to Run, Fully Expanded and Tuned…Very Stout !!

Newest Version III 

42 Watts AM PEP + 100% Modulation

All Radios sold are checked to be within Factory RX specifications 

All Radios sold are checked to be within Factory specifications, using the radios stock mic, power cord, 

2+3 year warranty

Free President Texas 1800 Power 

This adds the +3 years to your Radios warranty

7/8 wave

1.2/1 adjustable

7200 Watt P.E.P.

2400 KHz / 240 ch

83.46 inches – 2120 mm

Base 3/8

AC4 Stainless steel

eBay details: 141977788324

Can be just how listing is made, meaning it’s a normal version III and its the latest which is version III. Still 42w PEP AM mine don’t make that much power so also can be good edition for people that need strong AM.


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