Mr Tumpe South East Finland

My thanks to Mr Tumpe for telling me how the audio was from the Apollo II this afternoon. Just a few minutes on air before QRT and I was lucky enough to hear and speak with him in South East Finland. As we know maybe the Apollo II comes only in August? But it will come

This version of the radio is the (H) for those that are interested and guess since start of year has had many hundreds of hours of RX and TX. There were some niggles but this is a radio or six made and so you just expect some odd things now and then. Like when sound goes to 1 and then press down and level 56 comes on and shakes the head phones from the ears, but otherwise minor odds and ends, channel 19 uk being labelled as 59 due to 80 channel mode in UK FM. But really now waiting for the real version to hit the stores.

It can be noted that the standard Mike adapter for the AT-5555N works well with this radio so an easy soluiton is possible for when and if you want to change the Mike to a power, base or echo microphone.

Video quality on display of radio is poor due to the strong display brightness

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