President McKinley EU? Oui ou Non!!

Oh boy! That’s the new “hot topic” via comments. EU and USA alike the emails come from. When the original version doesn’t yet exist I think now it’s just juggling oysters to guess when or indeed if such a radio is needed. Just because the USA gets the FCC legal version it doesn’t mean an EU version arrives. But a front facing speaker on an SSB radio would be good.

If you’ve got Grant II (Tarnished in some eyes due to noises) There is the Jackson II which could need renovation in the future and of course the Lincoln II. So is there another spot free to add another radio or the appetite to invest in it?

President are normally silent, the tradition only slipped once when they talked about the McKinley USA. So we need to expect silence and then when a dealer or two know something stuff will be leaked finally.

I think the answer is a clear cut 50-50% but for me and knowing really nothing I’d make it for the EU!

1) Front speaker with 12/24v for the truck drivers. Better sound, nice styling, ease of use paramount

2) Needs to be noise free as another noisy radio is a failure

3) Change the Roger bleep to that of the old style Jackson or Lincoln. 2016 into 2017 needs something different now. Either go back to a bleep which many liked or swap it for something totally different and not like the Star Wars and Alien Invader sounds of the Qixiang made radios. How about a k-tone, then the old Jackson and then President two tone.

4) Tone & Bass in transmit and receive so there is never a mike with too much treble, or not enough bass in the sound

However, others will come in time with front mounted speaker for SSB so if it’s not President wait around and maybe Qixiang or another will see the idea is a good one and copy it. We all expect sometimes too much stuff from the same companies and there is not really any appetite to make something that “a few customers want” as its bottom line, investment to design and prototypes, shipping, part prices and In the case of President do you need another SSB radio to sit amongst all the others on the shelves.

Time will tell…

In the meantime we all need to wait till September or so, and then order like crazy from eBay or Amazon in case it doesn’t land in the European countries. It will be ROHS manufacturered  just no CE approval. But CE approval isn’t important is it?  (Jokingly said)

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  1. I agree , they could have some product test samples put out to test operators that would give the best feed back so that a better product ends up on the shelves ? this would same them money surely??
    why does all there new products have to be a mk2 or mk3? they should go back to letters and numbers eg: AR,AX,PT? just a thought.


  2. Im sure President may take a bit more time and maybe product test this in USA first before a EU model release an see what market feedback they get,due to the fingers burnt last time.Technically i do not see why they would not release a EU\Export version in later 2016\17 it looks a nice pro-end radio.I would assume President want to start building up their USA market first with new models,then go back to EU variations as EU models already exist in the catalogue.
    Factory upgrades I would like to see done more if new variates are released of same radio model,keep customers happy!


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