Radiozing Optima III (Noise Blanker)

 There was always lots of talk in how the Optima III handled white noise. The radio here is from RadioZing and was purchased now I guess three months ago and only now a few times on air. My shack is in “HellHole” Budapest where as my videos show the noise is always the winner, so have a look how the “filter” worked on the Optima III. Dare we say? Uniden and other makers please watch this. White noise killed off, take a look.

The station is the Optima III with HM36 Mike and President Himalaya Antenna on 6ft steel mast in the garden. The noise is generated locally and can be lost on a beam, seems to be from a local shopping centre possibly. So, see how the filter works.

If this radio can take away let’s say 98% of noises then there is no reason why others cannot do it! Or is there?

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14 thoughts on “Radiozing Optima III (Noise Blanker)

  1. The attenuation through that filter is ridiculous. Thanks for the video, I can now cross it off my list. Try changing to a yagi and rotate for minimum noise or put up 2 similar antennas and use an mfj1026 to cancel the noise between. Good luck.


  2. A simple change of polarisation may also improve things, verticals being unbalanced antennas are very susceptible to noise.


    • Fantastic and thank you comments. I tried what they call a bambi shape on 10m roach pole which is similar to Vincent’s antenna and really S0 noise. All away. Turn towards shopping centre S9+ and away S0. Just due to locational issues hard to install. How about horizontal dipole. Any feelings for yes or no?


  3. The moxon gives you another 2.5dB gain over the dipole and has a very useful 25dB front to back which could drop your noise around 4 s points (if the noise is single source of course). P.S. Thanks for the blog, I’m waiting for a decent new wave 10m radio that’s also capable of cw. I’ve tried most of the new ones and find them lacking. My Lincoln II Mk3 has a problem with opposite sideband suppression and I find the filter width too large for SSB. If I inject a tone scanning upwards in freq I get a rising tone as it passes through the filter and then a falling tone after it passes through. On a jumping/noisy band this only makes the rx noisier as you are listening to real sigs plus unwanted image sigs. Maybe this is why most new rigs appear noisy.


    • Decent 10m with CW. Actually many ask for this! I’m not great morse man so never tried it so much. Not sure who can make it? Guess would need Alinco or ?? Trying the Quad my noise level dropped 5 s points so sure need to change, but area small to install.
      But 10m and CW on board I’m not sure.

      Blog, nothing to do with me! If people don’t comment and ask questions and share information then it’s nothing really.


  4. I was thinking the optima might have a better filter implementation, but it seems it is just a badly implemented filter being used as an attenuator to limit “trunk stop” rx front end busting signals. Why use a filter for this? Why not just turn the RF Gain down?


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