What President Mike Is This? 

Sometimes we’ve some requests that need help of the radio world. So guys and ladies what President microphone is this? There are 10+ being sold on eBay at the moment and one potential buyer has emailed me and asked me what it is. I’ve absolutely no idea at all, marine maybe? Funny connection on the end of the microphone so I’ll ask in blog world. What is it?

Looks waterproof I’d say. Want to have a look then eBay item number is: 152106245592

Price $4.99 plus shipping

My guess is Marine due to fact it seems to fit tightly somewhere as plug appears waterproof then goes to connect into a board. The big plastic connector is what I think forms the seal. Obviously can be of course ultra wrong…

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6 thoughts on “What President Mike Is This? 

    • Channel 16 on a marine radio is 156.8 MHz, the nternational calling and distress channel.
      Channel 9 is 156.45, which is common for harbor pilots: the guys that actually bring the large vessels into port.

      Interesting to note that the connector looks to only have 3 pins… A bit odd for PTT, Mic Audio, the designated Channel button and a Step button.

      I’d say that mic has some active circuits in it to pull all that off.

      But either way, I’d say its a Marine Radio Mic…


    • So it’s resolved then. It’s from a President / Uniden Marine Radio and the big rubber in the cable is indeed a waterproofing arrangement.
      Thanks Reverend Bow!! Top Class


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