Dark Blue Dots Before The Eyes

I never expected the amount of emails generated by simple dark blue dots on components. But below are some photos of the said radio and I guess the most likely reason is some QC at President or at the selling point. Both not confirmed as an ebay purchased radio for the reason to see if there was any loud noises like the others.

And the pictures below, quality not the best but at least for the 17 who messaged me with no dots here are the dots.




I think as the general location is almost everywhere the answer is QC “somewhere” seems the most obvious. None of my others have it so the guess would be it is the selling company that did it and not President. It can be it was tested or aligned before sale, can be the person who sold it was messing around inside (doubtful) of course the variables are so different it is impossible to guess it. 

So there are dots and today again tested an old version 1 Premium and S9 noise and again this one which I’ll now revise to being a V2 Grant as you can cycle through the bands by pressing the F key while my other one needs long press F so denotes an older version I’d say.

My conclusion: Reseller added these as done some QC maybe

I’m just the Wizard and can’t guess it as don’t know the life span or history of Grant II 155

But today worked Russia 50SD/T19 which was S2/4 here and in old days on others was below noise level and now not in the noise.

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