Sirio GainMaster HW First Real Shout Outs

So due to non related matters have had no real interest in radio stuff so today Saturday could spare an hour and see what was happening. Below is a non white coat, not scientific just a user report of what I heard and what was possible to work with the HW Sirio antenna.

First my antenna non cut sure works from 26300 to 28000Mhz with no cuts, no adjustments at all. Works well! So bandwidth is not the same obviously as the longer one but works super well so no complaints. Noise level is exactly S1 lower than the Antron 99. Nothing scientific. Install Antron and S2 noise and drag cable across to GainMaster and S1 was the noise level. Same cable, same mast, same height it is S1 lower (yes the soil may make a difference, noises can change, band can change that’s why I say non scientific.

13IR/FF056 is activating a nature reserve on the border to the Czech Republic. Signal at a maximum is s0/2 but much noise, attach cable to Gainmaster and is worked S3 he hears me and S1/3 QSB here to me. Again, conditions change, maybe dirt, maybe soil etc but there is a difference indeed. Distance of 549Km / 341 miles so altogether not that far really. Connect again the Antron 99 and more noise than signal as was before the coax swap.

Also worked Sweden, England on UK40, Netherlands, Kiev Ukraine and all reports were consistently good. Sure when tested conditions were not as bad as other times but I can say it worked well. I was even heard S3/R4 in west of Eire and for me, never ever heard the station that heard me and they called me. So sure it can get out!

*What is sure for me the noise is lower

*Signals that are lower and sometimes in noise can be worked on the antenna compared to “on the day like for like Antron99”

*White or Black Magic? Can’t tell you just tested it as I can in the garden and nothing else

*Freq range for me 26:300 1:7SWR till 28:135 1:8 SWR and pretty flat from 27000 upwards

Not scientific, not white coats or clip boards used in this test. Just connect radio and call.

Thanks to 21CT225 Mr Bo who was +30db with his Vortex Q82 on 27315FM, thanks for reports on the Gainmaster. Helped me a lot. Also 19LR121 Rene also on Mid FM thanks a lot too and it helped me also.  Finally but no means last thanks to Michael 102 and Waldemar in Liechtenstein, great to speak with you both and this helped with differences on Antron99. Your “big” GainMaster working good into Hungary Michael.

For me, smaller antenna so better in my location. Easier to assemble. 500w rated so enough power as we all use 4 watts. Price £94.95 NevadaRadio, £109 Knights, €109 Neuner, €119 Maas Elektronik, Truckerswereld €124.95 and sure many other places stock it

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    • Hi Stephen, yep on the day was working better than Antron by a long way. But you know the score, could have been lots of reasons but it worked well indeed. But no two days the same. Regards Simon


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