President Himalaya £99.95 / €120

Mike from Nevada has been in touch with an awesome offer on the Himalaya and with current exchange rate it’s got to be a winner

I’m openly biased as used this antenna with excellent results. Information below and remember in EU Nevada can deliver too!

High performance base antenna for use 26-30MHz, the Himalaya uses a combination of top quality fibreglass and graphite to ensure a trouble free long life, and SWR is preset to cover the 450 channels at 1:1 ! Ideal for use on CB or 28MHz amateur bands.
Wavelength – 5/8 + 1/4 wave
Construction – fibreglass / graphite

SWR – 1.1/1 pre-adjusted

Gain – +10 dBi

Maximum power – 2500 W PEP

Bandwidth – 4500 Khz (450 ch)

Length – 5270 mm

Side radials length – 1160mm

(C) Nevadaradio Photos & Detailed Product Description 


I think it’s a great offer. Antenna works superb with or without radials. Mine was without and over 100 countries worked in 2014/2015

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