Free DX’ers Active from Eastern Europe Holidays

Great to read that some radio friends of mine from the Free Dx’ers (FDX) will be active from some SOTA (Summits On The Air) and also will be active from Slovakia and Poland during there summer holidays. News is a little slim on the ground now but check out the web for more information nearer to the times of all the events. More news of locations used now below

So the activation will include this from south east Poland near Ukraine border which will include SOTA and IWI (Inland Waterways Islands

And the next:  Location on the Slovak, Poland and Czech border areas 330 FDX/DX

And the next: South West Poland, Czech, Slovakian and Ukrainian borders

And finally: Northern Tatras, Slovakia

Only eqsl will be available, no paper cards for any of the events. I wish Eva, Dorota & John some super great holidays this summer and good conditions on the air

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