Annual Visit Done President Electronics Czech Republic

Before leaving Moravia there is always time to drop into President Ostrava for some 6mm PL259 and an antenna, hm or two or three.

Nicely air conditioned, when 36c outside a good point and well stocked. Took advantage of there deal for an ML-145 Export and New York* Restocked in pens too.

*New York Will Be A Prize later in year.

Antenna still crooked metal dipole like always (All Amateurs Sold)  In these shops always the eye glaze over! What to get.. Child in sweet shops etc.. Hm get radios you sell on air let people touch, try, examine.

Nice looking Walker in Chrome, Jackson II Chrome, Teddy and Randy. Infact all radios in glass cabinets looking good.

See you next in 2017 I guess?

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