25-30Mhz Home Base CB 10m 11m Kit HR5500, Silver Rod Antenna, 20m Cable 240v PSU

Seems another interesting offer from the UK for those thinking about starting the hobby. I’m not promoting illegal activity for the small minded who think so. I was sent the link by a reader and seems ok, all you need to mount an attack on the airwaves. Information below.

The link and information is all below. Nice to see an all in deal for 11m featuring a decent export radio too. Some recent offers show good radio junk antenna, finally someone understands what’s needed in an offer 

eBay: 231810561143

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5 thoughts on “25-30Mhz Home Base CB 10m 11m Kit HR5500, Silver Rod Antenna, 20m Cable 240v PSU

  1. very good offer and anytone at-5555 is the same as HR5500 (y) you do not promoting illegal activity, anyone can decide what he is doing and to be clear, still can’t understand why all over the world they don’t give from 26 – 28 mhz FREE for cb!!


    • I agree! But some people not happy with 11m stuff here. A few quite upset and angry messages, some threats, some stupid comments.

      V6 firmware and V6 Board the way to go

      25-30 MHz Legalise it all !!!


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