Strykers A-10 Unleashed “Chilli Hot?”

I’ve had here sometime the Stryker A-10 “Thunderbolt” centre loaded antenna, massive coil and well made it appears from the outside. Packaging shows the antenna was designed in the USA and built in China. But forget anything bad about Chinese made! In this antennas case it is top class, well built, well packaged and sure it is ready for action on the air.

If you run the antenna from a truck you need a real strong mirror mount and from the car a tri-mag minimum unless you want the antenna sitting on the back seat as it comes through the back window.

26965-27600 The antenna is flat 1:1 and going onwards it only moves a little at 28000 to around 1:4

Below the antenna is equally at home although without tuning it is around 1:7 on 26400 which many cannot manage or indeed replicate. What is super is the noise level is almost nothing and indeed when I was testing the antenna the conditions weren’t the greatest but could receive signals in excess of 100km and manage to work at least one of them, although the signal was low with my 12 watts it was worked. Facts are facts, there isn’t any BS it worked better than I had imagined. The first contact was Greece with 5/5 to 4/0 as conditions poor but the comments were good based on audio from the Jackson II and the surprise it was only 12 watts. There is a video that will be uploaded in time, showing 18RC113 on air and the QSO. As before, conditions were extremely poor. 

This antenna would love some power through it and sure it will propel your voice world wide when the conditions are there. This time the antenna was used in CEPT 26965-27405 and 12w from a standard and not modified Jackson II from I think 2009 so it’s getting on in age.

It needs a seller in Europe, someone like Radiozing, Truckerswereld or Avera to have it. Too many people are loosing out on trying this antenna. It’s too good to be left just in the North American market and does not do justice to Stryker. This is an antenna that needs a wider audience. I was a sceptic as the marketing wasn’t my style how was done but the antenna can talk the talk! Available now via eBay from the United States but let us hope one day it’ll land somewhere here in Europe with quantity. Now I’m going to try and get an SR-5K if that is half as good it should be something and with that it can handle a single magnet and no need for the tri mag.


6 Gauge Solid Copper 100% Silver Plate Wire

10,000 Watts Power Handling Capability

Extremely Efficient High “Q” Coil

Double Wall Coil Cover made from High Impact Mobay Plastic

Can be Tune for 26 – 30 Mhz

10” Stainless Steel Shaft

49” Stainless Steel Whip

Reduced Static Interference

Standard 3/8” x 24” Thread on Shaft

2 Year Warranty

They’ve found something pretty good here. Well done to them indeed. Tests are ongoing just needs conditions and a video will be added via YouTube along the way when time allows.

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4 thoughts on “Strykers A-10 Unleashed “Chilli Hot?”

  1. At the end of the day, it is the whip that radiates, not the super dooper loading coil, which just changes the electrical length of the aerial to provide an impedance match that the radio likes. A dummy load will VSWR 1:1, but it doesn’t make a good aerial. This has 59″ of shaft/whip, that’s 5ft, the Sirio 4000 has over 6ft and that will win hands down any day.

    It’s not really centre loaded, it is a few inches from base loaded. How does the price compare with the Sirio?


    • For me it worked well. As always I’m delighted if you or anyone makes a technical side by side of the two. I can’t do it so I’m welcome to add it of course.

      Price based on exchange rate

      Stryker USA Sold only converted to £59

      Sirio Priced At Nevada £29.95 The 4000 PL Series

      Sirio is EU available, Stryker needs shipping currently from USA and any taxes and duties


    • This certainly sounds like a Winner Simon and many thanks For the information. Regards Ian 26/CT/779.


    • Hi Ian,
      Bandwidth and how it worked was good but I’m “just one guy” it’s a shame others can’t get it in EU. As I tell always the blogs open for one and all if they’ve a video to show something working whether it be well or not.
      Hope to try it more very soon, after non radio stuff has passed over


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