Italy On 12w /P SSB Contest 2016

The SSB contest is now but a memory but was a great time when you take away the Police attention. The Idea to do what was done by myself and many others in the 80’s to use 12w and mid band (CEPT) to DX across the EU even when the cycle now isn’t that special is good fun.

The two videos below is taken from the Sunday event, radio was a street legal old Jackson II with a Sadelta MB+4Plus and the antenna was at this time the President Dakota. As you will see in the videos it shows the EU band and was actually great fun to chase down the contacts. It appears I’m told the contacts are not valid for the contest as were on a channel which is a repeater channel in Germany, so that’s life not valid.

Although was really thin on the ground the contacts it was great to see with simple 12 watts it’s still possible in this KW world to at least speak somewhere. The video brightness is bad as was sat under a tree and this shows badly plus the camera is now getting a little on the old side. Otherwise all good I guess.

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  1. I have the Anytone AT-5555 which make with 13,8V 22 Watts, but I use 12V and make since years all QSo’s with not more than 12-15 Watts.

    It is realy enjoyeble with only few Watts to speak with people all over the world, you don’t need more output.

    All the best!


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