Oh Boy! IOTA (Idiot On The Air) Recorded Live!

Just to show that idiocy can be taken to the next level. This is a fool in Budapest trying to compete with the Italians on Grandi Modulatori. The results are below. This is someone who thinks they compete with Italians, he is running BV2001 and Jackson MK1 if I remember well.

The unlucky radio in use is the noisy Grant II Premium 1st edition, BHI NES 10-2 Mk3 DSP and the antenna is an Antron 99 from early 90’s and Firestik tip. Last antenna retired. Cannot comment more! IOTA = Idiot On The Air

Feel sorry for Uniden whose designed a great chassis in the Jackson 1 for it to be used by someone with an IQ under 0! I like echo and have no issues at all with it, but in this context when the guy is just endlessly doing it that’s another story totally.

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