Midland LUX 1000S & LUX 1500 PL

Something different this time and two antennas from Midland. The LUX 1000s and 1500PL. And interestingly enough it seems that both these antennas “light up when transmitting” so seems the idea Sirio had recently has caught on and now Midland are joining the group.

Midland LUX 1000s 

◾ Frequency: 26-30MHz.

◾ Number of Channels: 70@SWR 2:0.

◾ Max Applicable Power: 600 Watt.

◾ Min. SWR: 1.1

◾ Gain: 4 dB.

◾ Length: 121 cm.

◾ Impedance: 52 Ohm.

◾ Weight: 503 gr.

◾ Material: Inox steel.

◾ Cable: 4m/RG58.

◾ Hole Diameter: 10 mm.

◾ Duty Cycle: 50%TX-50

Midland LUX 1500 PL

◾ Frequency: 26-30MHz.

◾ Number of Channels: 140@SWR 2:0.

◾ Max Applicable Power: 1000 Watt.

◾ Min. SWR: 1.1

◾ Gain: 4 dB.

◾ Length: 165 cm.

◾ Impedance: 52 Ohm.

◾ Weight: 358 gr.

◾ Material: Inox steel.

◾ Connector: PL259.

◾ Duty Cycle: 50%TX-50%RX.

So Midland via CTE are again out there with some new antennas

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  1. never got the idea behind light up antennas..in a world of jacked up cb radios put out by hack cb shops which create 95% of the splatter and tvi on the bands a diode (the leds) at the antenna makes for a great harmonic generator in its self with out help from a “peaked and tweaked” radio .
    yes i get people like “bling” on their cars but does the world need more interference to go with their ego’s?

    give me a standard sirio 5k-pl or 102″ array any day


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