Anytone Apollo II (H) PC Programming Update August 30th

The first software I had for the Apollo II H wasn’t working as was super early version. The radio was made 22-1-2016 so also early as one of six made. As the radio has progressed through development the software now has also developed and some functions on my old Apollo II now work with the software.

What is to remember is my radio is now super old in the development stakes, has some errors etc so the software doesn’t work 100% on my model but will work on the radios when they are released as they are newer revisions than mine from the start of the year. There are two software versions, the H with higher power with new news suggesting 5/15/40w being now available on high power. And the standard 4/8w Apollo II has its own software version too.

The H version will be supplied H (Ham) 10m band 28.000-29.700 AM/FM from Avanti and Stryker being the main customers in Europe and USA. I’ve witnessed the development on this radio and sure takes time and effort. It’s over 9 months since the first version pre v1 was sent to me, and now soon we will be able to get them in store. I think the easiest option will be the CRT 2000 as sure can find them on eBay etc. It’s same radio as the one in the video just for CB radio and lower power, but it’s 12/24v where the H is a simple 12v radio.

When I’ve more information I’ll add it here. But for now the PC programming software seems ready v1.0 for the H and v1.01 for the standard Apollo II. 
Thanks to QX Telecom for the updates and for keeping me in the loop during development of the radio. Will there be an SSB version of this radio? Simple answer is no! Nobody interested in it, plus development costs would be high I guess. It’s a shame, would be fine as a CRE 7700 or Alinco DRDX or similar. And the current Mike adapter that fits the 5555n works 100% compatible with Apollo II. Neuner DE and Konektor5000 sell the adapters.

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