CRT P7-LCD Out Now €80 “Updated Video”

Not long after the holidays have finished and radios appear to market. First up comes the P7-LCD which I’ve used and has cracking audio and receive. Best so far for me in the city was 16km, there is or will be PC software available to open its options a little bit more than before.

The collaboration partner for this radio is Qixiang who seem to be able to be everything to all, whether ham, PMR, CB they’ve got the options

Direct Link to UHF Version Of Radio:

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  1. But I can get an Anytone dual band, with a proper screen, for less money. Sold by a large UK distributor, so I have back up and warranty. That is the entry level Anytone, with a tiny screen added. Call me a cynic, but if I’m buying an Anytone, I don’t care what the badge says, what the price says is more important.


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