President Lincoln II “+” On Video

Below are simply all I have on the video front at the moment. Camera troubles made issues so couldn’t get what I wanted recorded. These I guess the best so far but of course many others will post longer and better videos as the radio lands on more people’s desks and cars.

Whilst the radio was here the conditions were on my side partly so was quite lucky. The working conditions were as you will see the Lincoln II +, mike was the Sadelta MB-4 hand microphone and the antenna was Antron 99 located on a five feet (5ft) steel scaffold pole. There are no internal videos as just really not enough time. Anyhow below you can see at least if any difference you can notice between the V3 and the Lincoln II + which I’ll denote as V7 (nothing official)

That’s a start and from QSO001 on th  radio being Saudi. Bad camera work as n Ed to invest into a Bert one but at least it is something to see.

Again my thanks to those who snare t me messages about SWL me. Thanks to all the contacts I’ve spoken with on the conditions and thanks for the time and effort in your writing your views. Seems that this will be the one that is the true Lincoln.

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7 thoughts on “President Lincoln II “+” On Video

  1. I think in the uk there is that much stuff used that has not got the good shielding when its opened up to the 11m it will pick it up as shown by the grant I hope not and I think its done on purpose to get us of the uk40 but wait and see I could be proving wrong and if its good there might be one for me early xmass take care Simon ond thank you for your time


  2. HI Simon, sorry this is a bit late but I have been busy, thanks for putting the video of me & Darren on air on here, the radio sounds very good. Also would like thank you for putting a link to my website on there as well, thanks for the QSL cards, & I have made some up & sent you some as well hope you like.



    • Hi Paul,
      I thank you and Darren for helping me while was on the radio. And I think you sounded good on the EC2002. About link it’s important your story was shared!
      You very kind to send some cards and look forward to hear you on the air. If need me then just drop me a line.
      Best Wishes


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