HNDX AM CB Broadcast Stations & More

Today’s the day and the AM contest on CB radio will begin. Add to this there is the AM CB radio show that will broadcast “live” on the channels listed below and remember if your going to try and listen in the UK you need to -1 hour as the times are in CET.

If this wasn’t enough then all HNDX members I’ve a contest for you! Speak to the Wizard during the AM Contest 2016 and your name goes into a hat! And two winners will be drawn out.

(1) President Grant II Low Noise Premium 

Then whose (2) from the hat gets a Sirio Hi-Power 5000 mobile antenna with PL base.

You’d just need contact me after the result is given so I have the address to sent the equipment. Both are bought and here waiting a winner. If no contacts they head to the Christmas Giveaway 2016

My best bet to hear is 13HN42 at around 500km, hear any station and I believe an EQSL is also available to receive!

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