President Grant II “Go Box” Bids From £950

Had various emails about this so why not add it. There is an eBay number also if anybody wants to take over ownership of this. It is a good idea what iniative can do. I know in Germany Mirco 13HN479 has a CB radio “Go Box” which is something similar to this made by Dieter B.Take a look at the photos and see what you think? Well done to the guy who made this, a great idea indeed

Everything in one box, one place. The full description is listed here: 282205294842 on eBay. Thanks to Tarbi, Gary P and Pauline who sent me messages via contact about it and “yes it deserved to be featured” top idea indeed. Also including an SSB handheld and Amplifier and ATU

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4 thoughts on “President Grant II “Go Box” Bids From £950

    • Yes high price but ATU, Amp, Radio, Big PSU, SSB handheld, Antenna and box, work to make it adds up. I would think £650-£780 would I guess be around what it is worth. But don’t know if normal Gran II or Premium…


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