President Lincoln II v3 “Again”

This radio continues to pop up on my radar and so with the evolution of the new + radio I hope this will be the last article on the V3. Below is an answer to the time in memorial question of PC programming. Hope it helps those who’ve had issues or worries about this

The V3 isn’t PC programmable. Yes it does show PC on screen and PCEND on the screen. But there is no software available for the V3. Whether it was thought of and deleted isn’t clear but it isn’t programmable by software

The Lincoln II + is PC programmable. I’ve covered it here before. It needs same data cable as the CRE-8900 or Stryker SR-955HPC and currently the software is like the extension of the radios menu and doesn’t allow for example frequency setting etc (at the moment) The drivers in v1.0.1 are fine for most windows versions, but I’ve not tried it on XP.

Don’t believe people who tell you use the + software on the V3. It will show wrong radio information and isn’t compatible.

Clue is software is for + not the normal Lincoln II 

Hope that helps and cuts down my emails…….

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