16 Channel PMR In Germany. UHF CB Starts?

Thijs from the famous CB Radio Netherlands has popped up with something interesting today. Team Electronics in Germany have released a list of frequencies in which the extra 8  channels are permitted. All the relevant information is listed below and thanks Thijs great news.

At the moment the equipment is still 500mw and fixed antenna. But this must be the start of a new system of UHF CB channels. Is this where CB will live if they kill off 27Mhz.

The Frequencies are listed below:

Kanal 01: 446,00625 MHz

Kanal 02: 446,01875 MHz 

Kanal 03: 446,03125 MHz

Kanal 04: 446,04375 MHz

Kanal 05: 446,05625 MHz

Kanal 06: 446,06875 MHz

Kanal 07: 446,08125 MHz

Kanal 08: 446,09375 MHz

Kanal 09: 446,10625 MHz

Kanal 10: 446,11875 MHz

Kanal 11: 446,13125 MHz

Kanal 12: 446,14375 MHz

Kanal 13: 446,15625 MHz

Kanal 14: 446,16875 MHz

Kanal 15: 446,18125 MHz

Kanal 16: 446,19375 MHz

And all the listed information in German language can be found: 


Seems 16 Analogue so is Germany the first to signal the start of UHF CB Radio

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