16 Channel PMR “Legal Across All EU*” UHF CB Starts?

My thanks to Jan from KBC Imports in the Netherlands for messaging me with more news and indeed a link to the ERO which shows that the new 16 channels for 500mw, fixed antenna analogue channels are indeed legal across EU so expect some new radios soon from the likes of Kenwood etc.

To add more information I’ll add the link to the document which was kindly sent to me from Jan: http://tinyurl.com/zxztzqe So indeed this does appear to be a starting point for an pan EU CB radio system. And interesting to read that “radios from 1st January 2017 must have more robust receivers” 

“446.1-446.2 MHz is officially available for PMR 446 analogue frequencies in Europe”

Kanal 01: 446,00625 MHz

Kanal 02: 446,01875 MHz 
Kanal 03: 446,03125 MHz
Kanal 04: 446,04375 MHz
Kanal 05: 446,05625 MHz
Kanal 06: 446,06875 MHz
Kanal 07: 446,08125 MHz
Kanal 08: 446,09375 MHz
Kanal 09: 446,10625 MHz
Kanal 10: 446,11875 MHz
Kanal 11: 446,13125 MHz
Kanal 12: 446,14375 MHz
Kanal 13: 446,15625 MHz
Kanal 14: 446,16875 MHz
Kanal 15: 446,18125 MHz
Kanal 16: 446,19375 MHz

So Channel 9 on a fixed antenna and 500mw now legal. Great news as have been using it now 12 years on an Intek..

* Dependent on country acceptance. Who knows if Brexit Britain will get it…….

My sincere thanks to Jan for this great information

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2 thoughts on “16 Channel PMR “Legal Across All EU*” UHF CB Starts?

  1. Hi, Simon

    The ERO phrase “more robust receivers” refers to the need for newer PMR-446 kit to reject “out-of-band” and/or adjacent Kanal (in-band) signals.

    John Bone, G7OOE


    • Hi John,

      Yes I know. I’ve spoken to them this morning and later even more interesting news to come, but if I add it here it gets copied and treated as news learned from someone else. So, DRM against 3 sites that use my information.. Unless these sites have access to my mail they copy me!

      Thanks for writing


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