Anytone Plans DMR & Possible Other VHF/UHF Radios

First off I’ll start by saying I guess my own personal “copier” will use this and add it to his blog with the great news that he knows all. So with that in mind I guess WE will introduce you to the planned and not manufactured as yet new DMR radios from Qixiang Telecom, plus an exclusive of a few more that maybe come, maybe not.

Honestly I don’t know much about them as this stuff doesn’t interest me at all. As you will surely see the UV is a handheld radio while the other, the mobile radio is based on the QX chassis of the Anytone Apollo II radio.

From what I’ve been told the UV will come with 3 power levels. The rest is not truly set in stone right now.

Also interesting is that “maybe” the Anytone Smart & Micro maybe will come as UHF or VHF single band programmable radios. At the moment nothing is confirmed and nothing is denied about these two. It’s a case if there is a market or not.. But as CB they were incredibly popular so it could be. I believe a few have been made and are out for looking at? But that’s all for now.

Let’s see how much of this gets copied and how fast. As the Smart & Micro were learned about direct via Skype it’s interesting to see how it will be announced by others as news only was to me here!

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6 thoughts on “Anytone Plans DMR & Possible Other VHF/UHF Radios

    • You can use any of the cheap Baofeng sold in UK, just need software CHIRP and a cable and as if by magic maybe new frequencies could be added (Not recommending as not legal, just “some could do it”)


  1. would be nice to see it really happen in the uk but I think they will drag there feet and it might not happen as there is powers in side of powers that seem to think that pmr should not be free or not free to the unlicensed the same lot that think foundation licence holders get to much freedom but if it ever comes of it will be fun I know of some great 8 element beams


    • Some in UK say January 2018 Stephen but I don’t know if happens sadly. I was told just not yet or maybe not at all but they told the same about AM/SSB. Like with all stuff I guess just need to wait that’s it. It’s adopted here as far as I know and some makers now releasing new radios that can be updated to the new channels so some dealers have wrote. Let’s see what happens I guess.


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