Possible Radio Price Rises In Brexit Land..

Thanks to Daz for supplying information about possible price rises since the pound (£) has plummeted against many currencies. This isn’t really news as radios are paid in (€) Euro, ($) Dollars and Yen in Japan. The pound keeps getting lower so costs more £ to buy equipment from makers and resellers

It’s been going to happen for a long time. There was a time for example that the € to $ was €1 = $1.40 and now the same € is $1.09 when looked last. I’ve said in emails, in forums, on air and in magazines the prices need to rise and they’ll rise sharply soon rather than later.

The £ volatility is now quite serious, it drops each day almost. And if you need to buy currency to pay factories etc the price is higher as you need spend more pounds to get the same amount of dollar, yen, euro etc.

All economies suffer from Brexit. Speculators make money, bankers forecast trends to earn commissions etc. Just last week I was told at an airport in England €1 got you £1

Cheap radio days will end. Economists believe it could go “hard brexit” so no single market access so your CRT, K-Po, President, Sirio, RM, CRE, Albrecht etc to name a few could be subject to import duties. Again if it happens, prices are on the up another time.

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Many cry rip off! But if you’ve 25% less £1 to buy foreign currencies then you need to add that 25% somewhere. It’s impossible to not increase prices as costs get higher.

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