Stryker SR-955HPC “Again”

A question asked to me before and has been asked again the past few days and the answer is strange. The SR-955HPC came when I had mine a few years back with 24-30Mhz in vfo mode and 25.6-30.1 in Channel mode. So why now does it state “now comes 12-10 metres”

The answer is no answer. It must be just change in sales ideas now President dropped the Lincoln + on the market. Someone who bought the 955 commented it’s the same as it always was “Thanks Fab” 

So a strange idea to add something that was always inside?

Radio seems lost inside EU now. When I had mine all were scratched in the carton the dealer had, wasn’t nothing special and nobody wanted to help the importer. That was back when they were newly out on the market. Shame really as the radio had a good base, just needed some tweaks here and there. So it’s new now and comes with 12m option… That’s what they say!

Channelised 25.6 and up, VFO 24Mhz & Up and PC Programmable. I think it’s the same? Different business plan now maybe? 

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