Superstar 3900 (EU) Radiozing Landed

So after 4 couriers, non delivery, lies from local Hungarian Post the radio was collected from a sorting office in the east of the city. A place where even German Shepherd Security dogs walk the streets in twos as alone you’d not go there! Below are the details etc

First off the radio isn’t and wasn’t a freebie that everyone believes. Radio was eBay purchase. If you need try something then buy it. If you don’t like it write it online if you want and then eBay sell it onwards. Radios sell quickly so no need have something you don’t like or need lay around.

The radio is the same Spanish company supplied which has had them a long time. So the difference is EU named but nothing else, other than the invoice with EU it’s the identical one from always

I’m sick now so nothing planned for action now. The counter was sourced blue display at Effingham Radio in USA and shipped from Kentucky. It arrives sometime next days DPD and last seen in Linz Austria.

So when feeling better we see how it works like. Till then it sleeps on a table. It’s like radios of old, from cold it’s way off frequency and needs time to find its balance.

My version should be simple 25.6-28.3 no UK40. Old school use KC shift and channel 33

Standard radio and power 48LR001 Mr Nasser with 5/5 report with 3900 (EU) CR-577 Mike, Antron 99

In the end:

48LR001, 48AT109, 47AT124, 13RS001 and 48LR111 Thanks for all your help so far.

More in some weeks… Not well now..

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  1. My problem is the price. This is old technology, no new R&D costs, no new tooling/electronics required, it has paid for itself many times over. It’s not made in an expensive manufacturing country, it should be the cheapest multimode on the market. Yes, it is a nice old style rig, analogue meter is a plus and unlike my DR-135UK it was not bothered about my laptop being on, but £100 should be a more realistic price.


  2. for the extra money I think its £199 to your door shame I thought it would have been better but we will see when the moded one arrives and get well soon looks like you have flu


    • And as correctly told me mine is a “factory standard” and not tuned or nothing done! Just had jumper moved and that’s it. So best I think get a radio with uk40 inside as it’s been looked at and tuned


  3. I called BS on the 1Hz frequency drift test that was posted. How an old design, not TXCO can be that good was beyond me, and lo and behold, it wasn’t true. Sammy from TM1 (who lives in Spain) said that it was no different to the model sold there, that up until the current currency problems would have been about £110. It is the Emperor’s New Clothes.


    • Sammy is correct indeed. It’s the same Spanish importer that’s had them last 10-15 years. Jazzy added “EU” to it but same radio as always old.

      Sat in a room 24.2c turn on from cold 27.555 today is 27.553.6 until around 10/15 minutes then turn KC shift a tad off centre towards right and it is 555 exactly.

      Can’t make any videos etc now as ill here but will do it later. Positives are radio is low noise (and or lazy s-meter) power was low under 10w SSB but audio strong, clear, defined.

      However, 3 already tell me the radio they got is bang on frequency from cold, no drift, no troubles and all good so must take the thoughts of them in mind too….

      Old technology v new technology…


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